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ActiveRestore Bunion Exercise Band

  • Strengthens the abductor hallucis muscle (inside of the foot) to slow the progression of a bunion
  • Latex and neoprene build provides optimal comfort when exercising
  • Sturdy construction designed for daily use and covered by our 2-year guarantee
  • Includes a video demonstration on how to use our ActiveRestore Bunion Exercise Band
  • Recommended supplement to our DuraFlex Gel Bunion Protectors

One of the most effective exercises for slowing the development of a bunion is the abductor hallucis strengthener, and our ActiveRestore Bunion Exercise Band helps you to perform this exercise with ease and comfort.

The abductor hallucis is the muscle located at the inner side of the foot, and it’s responsible for the abduction and flexion of the big toe. By strengthening this muscle, it helps in maintaining the big toe’s movement and natural positioning.

When used alongside our DuraFlex Gel Bunion Protectors, the progression of the bunion and its symptoms can be slowed down significantly and even completely stopped.

How It Works

Watch our demonstration video below to see how this exercise is performed.

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