Leg Length Discrepency

When one leg has a difference in length than the other, this is known as leg length discrepancy. This is either due to natural formation of one's body or poor alignment of the pelvis. We provide heel lifts and heel wedges to make up the difference in leg length, alleviating pain, bad posture and further complications as a result.
SoleRelief Flat Feet Half Insoles

SoleRelief Flat Feet Half Insoles

by Feet&Feet
  • Supports the heel and arch to relieve foot aches and pain for sufferers of flat feet and fallen arches, high arches, over pronation, leg length discrepency and plantar fasciitis
  • Incorporates a deep heel cup and an ergonomic arch (2.5cm high) that distributes pressure evenly and reduces shocks and impact
  • Soft, comfortable and breathable velvet surface that absorbs sweat and reduces foot odours
  • Feet Sizes UK (Men & Women) – Small 3 to 5 (15.5 x 6.2cm) Medium 6 to 8 (16.8 x 6.6cm) / Large 9 to 11 (17.8 x 7.2cm) / XL 12+ (18.8 x 7.5cm)

Regain the strength and stability back into your feet with our SoleRelief Flat Feet Half Insoles, designed for those who have flat feet or fallen arches, high arches, over pronation and plantar fasciitis.

The ergonomic design of the arch and deep contour of the heel cup helps to distribute pressure evenly so that foot aches, cramps and pain is alleviated.

Shocks and impact are minimised through its EVA construction while sweat and odours are reduced by its soft breathable velvet surface.

Adopting a half insole design (as opposed to a full sized insole) ensures a better fit as you don’t have to worry about it being too short or trimming the top if it’s too long – simply insert our SoleRelief Flat Feet Half Insoles into your footwear and secure it against the back of the heel.

You may also be interested in the full sized version of these insoles - SoleRelief Flat Feet Insoles.

We are confident in the effectiveness of all our products and each one is backed by our 2 year guarantee.

ComfortHeel Gel Heel Lifts

ComfortHeel Gel Heel Lifts

by Feet&Feet
  • Inserts into any type of footwear to treat leg length discrepancy
  • Increase your height comfortably so you end up looking taller and feeling more confident
  • Select from 2 different heights (both included) – main height: 2.5cm / 2nd height: 1.5cm (overall 4cm)
  • Firm silica gel construction helps to absorb shocks and impacts to reduce pressure on the heels
  • Soft flocked top layer fabric for comfort and ease of slipping your feet in and out
  • One sizes fits all – heel width: 5.5cm
  • Includes one pair (two adjustable heights for each pair)

Quickly and easily treat leg length discrepancy with our ComfortHeel Gel Heel Lifts. Constructed from a firm type of silica gel, these heel lifts absorbs shocks and impacts whenever you’re walking – this effectively reduces pressure on your hips and heels, and minimises long-term hip and heel injuries.

You can also increase your height and your confidence, so if you’ve ever wanted to appear taller to make a better impression at work or in public, this is the simplest solution.

There are 2 different heights for you to choose from, so if the first heel lift isn’t high enough, just connect the second heel lift to the bottom of the main one. Insert them into your shoes and you’re ready to tackle the day with full confidence!

We are confident in the effectiveness of all our products and each one is backed by our 2 year guarantee.