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How to Walk Properly

How to Walk Properly

How often do you think about how you look everytime you walk?

If you’re like most people, then probably not very often at all. Unconsciously, you may be walking with a bad posture that can be damaging to your feet, legs and back in the long run – it also looks unattractive and unconfident.

In order to look better, feel better and minimise injuries, follow these steps by Dr. Justin Lin on how to walk properly.

Walking doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Our supportive insoles ensures that you can walk longer with less foot aches, cramps and pain.

Quick Notes

If you don’t have the time to watch the video right now, read the following notes to learn how to walk properly.

  • Lin recommends walking around 10,000 steps per day (around 3-4 miles) to be healthy, and to practice walking properly of course!
  • Always push off your hips and your back leg which in turn should force the front leg to go forward.
  • Swing your arms when you walk to force hip rotation and to create natural momentum – the result is more efficiency, less stress and reduced pressure on your body.
  • Avoid leaning forward when walking to reduce stress on your anterior muscles (towards the front of the body).
  • We cannot stress enough how important wearing the right type of footwear is for the longevity of your feet’s health. Generally, you should avoid shoes that are too loose or too tight, and stay away from wearing high heels!

Just by following the simple steps above, you’ll improve your body posture when walking and significantly minimise any medium to long term damage on your body, particularly the feet and lower back.

Poor walking mechanics...

...has been linked to a whole host of problems including Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ or TMD), metatarsal pain, arch pain, heel pain, back pain etc.

Just think of how many steps you take everyday and think of the accumulation of strain your body undergoes if you walk incorrectly.

Start making a conscious effort to walk properly and in the years to come, you’ll thank yourself that you did.

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Ange!a - July 30, 2018

About 20 years ago I had both bunions and middle hammer toes corrected all at the same time – a!though I believe they only do one side at a time now – and I’ve never !ooked back!!
Seen some horrendous overlapping toes on old people.they never get better only worse!! You need to take action

GEraldine rAmsey - June 17, 2017

What can I do about bunions and an over lapping toe thanks.

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