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5 Proven Methods to Get Rid of Constant Foot Cramps

How to Get Rid of Constant Foot Cramps

One moment you’re living in the moment of your life, and the next second it feels you’ve just crash landed feet first on a door wedge, and the pain is severe enough to make seconds feel like minutes.

Even worse, that scenario occurs several times a week without warning.

If you’re living in the state of constant foot cramps and spasms, it can be daunting going about your day not knowing when these cramps will attack next.

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Fortunately, there are known causes of foot cramps and spasms, therefore there are also answers – here are 5 proven methods to get rid of constant foot cramps so you can live life care free again.

1. Use a Foot Roller Massager

For thousands of years, acupressure has been a prominent method of treating foot aches, cramps and pains.

This type of Reflex Therapy involves applying pressure to certain meridian (energy lines) points of the body to relieve stress, pain and fatigue.

In the past, you had to go to a professional massager for this treatment, but since the foot roller was invented, millions of people around the world has found an effective and low cost solution to their foot cramps.

Foot Roller Massagers

We offer two types of foot rollers that are both designed to stimulate meridian points in your feet.

  • And our more compact Travel Revive Foot Roller Massager offers single foot stimulation. Its compact size makes it ideal if you’re always on the move, as you can bring it and use it in the office, at the gym or relaxing in the coffee shop.

Studies have shown that by using a good quality foot roller for at least 10-20 minutes everyday, users have experienced a significant reduction in foot cramps and pains.

2. Stretch Your Feet Everyday

Despite this method being so simple, the vast majortity of people who suffer from foot cramps simply do not stretch their feet.

It literally takes a few minutes of your day and the positive effects it has is huge.

One of our favourite foot stretches – the towel stretch – is so easy and effective.

  1. Be seated comfortably
  2. Wrap a towel around the arch of your foot and hold both ends of the towel with both hands
  3. Keep your toes pointed upwards
  4. Gradually lift up your leg until you feel the stretch and hold for 3 seconds
  5. Repeat for at least 3 times on each foot

You should do this exercise every morning and night to ensure that the muscles around your feet and ankles are strong and supple to prevent foot cramps.

3. Maintain a Balanced Nutrition

One of the hardest things for anyone to do is to maintain a balanced diet.

It’s so tempting to just munch on some junk food when you’re bored and skip the healthy fruits and veggies. That could be the reason why you’re suffering from constant foot cramps.

Fruits and Vegetables high in electrolytes

You must ensure that you consume enough electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphate and chloride) in your daily diet. These nutrients are responsible for upkeeping vital functions such as heartbeat regulation and muscle contraction.

Avoid the lazy way of taking a bunch of different supplements and energy drinks that can have negative side effects and turn out to do more harm than good for your body.

Instead, do it the natural way of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables that are high in electrolytes. You’ll be paid off with less cramps and more energy.

4. Improve Your Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation around your legs and feet can lead to stiffness, swollen feet and eventually cramps and pain.

This can be a result of a lack of exercise, sitting still for too long, bad diet and old age. You need to get blood flowing efficiently again so that nutrients, oxygen and blood cells are constantly transported to the muscles and tissues in your legs and feet.

To maintain good blood circulation around your legs and feet, here are some simple suggestions that work:

  • Make an effort to walk around if you find yourself sitting for an hour or more
  • Use a foot roller massager to keep your feet active when you’re sitting
  • Stretch out your legs and feet frequently regardless of whether you’re standing or sitting

If you’re having difficulty being active due to physical injury or old age, then one of the most effective methods of improving blood circulation is with a circulation booster.

We highly recommend these devices as they utilise electrical stimulation technology to reinvigorate the muscles surrounding your legs and feet.

5. Wear the Correct Footwear

One of the easiest ways to get rid of constant foot cramps is to wear the proper footwear.

Yes, though it may seem obvious, many people wear shoes that are too tight or too loose, only thinking about fashion rather than comfort.

Ditch the high heels and heavy and rock hard shoes for footwear that offers sufficient cushion for your ankles, heels and soles.

Uncomfortable Shoes

Your toes should also have enough breathing room, meaning that they should not be squeezed together in any way; aside from discomfort and cramps, this can also lead to all sorts of toe problems such as hammer toes, overlapping toes and tendonitis.

Comfortable heel cups and pads and orthopedic insoles are also an effective solution to making your shoes more comfortable, and they’re ideal for formal and casual shoes.

Granted, wearing the right footwear is not “one size fits all” as different people are affected by different types of shoes, but the general advice above applies to all. You can learn more about choosing the right shoe for you here.

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Emily Murphy - August 20, 2019

Feet always cold especially at night bedtime when swimming in leisure pool I get awful cramps on and off. After sitting for long time car traveling, going to the theater to see a show, l have chronic pain-and can hardly move for a bout 10 minutes. I am not a young person.

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