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Effective Bunion Exercise That Strengthen’s the Big Toe

There are a few different exercises for bunions, but this one we’re about to show you is more effective than the rest, and the only thing you need is an elastic band.

Watch the following demonstration video by Dr. Brian Abelson and read our instructions and notes below.

10 Most Effective Treatments For Bunions


  1. In a seated position, wrap any type of elastic band (you can also use our Bunion Exercise Band) around the big toe of your left and right foot, making sure that it’s slightly taut.
  2. Spread your feet even further apart to stretch the band even more, then hold this position for around 10 seconds. This exercise strengthens the abductor hallucis muscle (located at the inner foot area and connects to the big toe).
  3. Bring your feet back to its original position and repeat step number 2 for 5 to 10 times.

How many times you do this exercise each day entirely depends on yourself, though we do recommend you to perform it at least twice a day – ideally in the morning and again at night.

Why This Bunion Exercise Works So Well

What tends to happen with a bunion is that the big toe moves towards the inner toe, while the big toe joint sticks outwards even further. Therefore, this is an excellent exercise for strengthening some of the muscles that keeps the big toe in its natural position.   

If you’d rather use something a bit more comfortable and easier to use, then take a look at our ActiveRestore Bunion Exercise Band which is specifically designed for this exercise.

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Marisa Sgherzi Ekin s - September 30, 2017

Could you please let me know when the “bunion exercise band” will be available?

Marisa Sgherzi Ekins

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