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FootRevive Lacrosse Ball Massager

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  • Relieves arch and heel pain, and everyday foot aches, cramps and tired feet
  • Can be used to treat plantar fasciitis, arthritis, peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage to the body’s extremities) and physical injury.
  • Constructed from rubber, the ball massager is large, hard and durable with a soft grip surface that enables it to roll efficiently on any type of flat surface.
  • Can just as easily be used to massage hands and arms, as well as feet
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

Use our FootRevive Lacrosse Ball Massager to relieve pain in the heel and arches, caused by common foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis and peripheral neuropathy.

The large rubber ball helps to loosen up and strengthen the muscles by exercising and massaging the feet for 10-20 minutes daily.

Your feet will begin to feel rejuvenated after several weeks of continuous use, and the reduced foot pain and an increase in foot and leg strength can eliminate physical and mental stress.

How to Use the FootRevive Lacrosse Ball Massager

Our FootRevive Lacrosse Ball Massager is simple, safe and ideal for relieving aches and pain in the heel and arches, whether you’re suffering from a specific foot condition or you simply want to strengthen your feet.

The most common method of using this ball massager is simply by rolling your foot back and forth over the ball, making sure that it targets the heel, arch and toes if you wish. Make sure that you do it for both feet.

It’s entirely up to you as to how little or how much pressure you want to apply, and how slow or fast you’d like to go. However, if you’re in too much pain, then ease off the pressure and speed.

For best results, massage your feet for 10-20 minutes everyday, preferably once in the morning when you wake up and again at night just before you go to bed. Your feet can also be exercised during the day, with most users finding it convenient during meals or when watching TV or reading a book.

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