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DuraFlex Sleeved Metatarsal Pads

  • Alleviates pressure and relieves aches and pain from the ball of the foot
  • Treament for metatarsalgia and other metatarsal foot pain related issues
  • Comfortable sleeve slips over the upper foot securely to prevent slippage
  • Universal fit that’s suitable for any type of footwear
  • Dimensions (W x H):
    • Small: 8 x 8cm (sizes 1 to 5)
    • Large: 9 x 8cm – (sizes 6 to 12)
  • Includes 1 Pair

Take off the pressure and pain from the ball of the foot with our DuraFlex Sleeved Metatarsal Pads, designed to absorb shocks and impact to help alleviate symptoms of metatarsalgia and other related foot conditions.

Comfortable and easy to wear, these odour resistant and sweat absorbing fabric sleeves slides over the top of your foot with a separate opening for the big toe to ensure a secure fit – no slippage.

They can be comfortably worn with socks and shoes, and for long periods of time so you can wear them on a day-to-day basis, whether you’re going to work or going on a day trip.

Poorly designed footwear do not transfer weight evenly throughout the foot, leaving too much pressure on the balls of the feet. Our DuraFlex Sleeved Metatarsal Pads helps alleviate the pressure and relieve the pain for those who have been affected by this imbalance and poor structure.

We are confident in the effectiveness of all our products and each one is backed by our 2 year guarantee.

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  • Is the gel part exposed to skin on the inside?

    No. The gel is enclosed within the fabric.

  • Are they washable?