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DuraFlex Gel Hammer Toe Separators

  • Relieves pain caused by a hammer toe (i.e. claw toe and bent toe), corns, calluses and overlapping toes
  • Loop, separators and underside cushioning guards all 5 toes against friction and irritation
  • Made from soft and flexible medical grade gel which allows easy movement and comfort
  • Can be casually worn at any time during the day or night
  • Includes one pair

Our DuraFlex Gel Hammer Toe Separators feature a loop, two separators and underside cushion that reduce friction and irritation, relieving pain in the toes as a result.

Designed to treat various foot conditions including hammer toes, corns, calluses and overlapping toes, these toe protectors and separators can be worn casually during the day or at night.

Made from medical grade silicone gel which is soft and flexible, movement is easy and comfort is enhanced.

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