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DuraFlex Gel Bunion Protection Sleeves

  • Natural and easy way of relieving bunion pain by separating and protecting the bunion
  • Sleeved design securely wraps over the upper foot to prevent slippage
  • Slim and breathable gel construction allows comfortable wear with socks and shoes
  • Can be comfortably worn during the day or night time at your own convenience
  • One Size Fits All – Suitable for any feet size on both men and women
  • Durable and Flexible – Designed for longevity and covered by our 2 year guarantee
  • Includes 1 Pair

Designed for relieving bunion symptoms including pain, swelling, sore skin and overlapping toes, our DuraFlex Gel Bunion Protection Sleeves separates and protects the bunion, which in turn, prevents the progression of the bunion.

It differs from our other bunion separators and protectors as it incorporates a sleeved design which enables a more secure fit with little to no slippage.

Just like the others, our gel bunion sleeves can also be worn with socks and shoes when you’re out and about, or at night time when you’re getting ready for bed – when you wear them will not be an issue.

Bunions can occur in men, women, children and the elderly, therefore our DuraFlex Gel Bunion Protection Sleeves is suitable for anyone; regardless of whether your bunion was caused by wearing poorly fitted shoes, having uncommonly flexible joints, arthritis or simply the pressures of being on your feet for too long.

How Do They Help?

There are 3 important elements that make up our DuraFlex Gel Bunion Protection Sleeves – bunion separation, bunion protection and flexible yet secure fitting.

The separation of the big toe from its neighbouring toe prevents overlapping toes and reduces swelling by minimising the rubbing of the toe joints.

DuraFlex Gel Bunion Protection Sleeves

Important while wearing any kind of footwear or doing any type of activity, the gel sleeve prevents the entire piece from slipping and moving around, while also serving as a protector of the bunion.

Designed to be worn for extended periods of time, the numerous holes encompassing the gel sleeve improves breathability – essential for preventing a build up of sweat.

As a result of these important elements, our DuraFlex Gel Bunion Protection Sleeves are a practical and comfortable treatment for bunions.

How to Wear

For instructions on how to wear our DuraFlex Gel Bunion Protection Sleeves, just watch our video instruction below.

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