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Corn & Callus Cutter Hard Skin Remover

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  • Effortlessly removes dry and hard skin (corns and calluses) from your hands or feet, leaving your skin feeling smooth and attractive
  • The sharp yet safe stainless steel blade is used for cutting off dry and hard skin while the file attachment is for smoothening the skin
  • Ergonomic rubber handle for a better grip and easier handling when in use
  • Includes a pack of 10 extra blades for longer use
  • Genuinely Made by German Manufacturer Credo Solingen

Effortlessly eliminate unsightly corns and calluses from your hands and feet with the Corn & Callus Cutter Hard Skin Remover by Credo Solingen.

With several swift movements of the safe guarded blade, these thick and hard areas of skin will be gone, along with the pain and discomfort when you walk or do some handy work.

Once the corns and calluses are removed, it’s time to smoothen and refine your skin so that it becomes aesthetically pleasing and feels soft and pleasent.

Banish away all concerns of how your hands and feet looks in front of your peers. Instead, you can be confident the next time you show your hands and take off your socks.

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