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ActiveRestore Knee Support Brace

  • Orthopaedic knee brace provides optimal support and alleviates pressure on the knee joint
  • Improves the recovery time and process after a knee-related injury – ACL injury, knee fractures, torn meniscus, knee bursitis, patellar tendinitis and others
  • The knee ring ensures that the knee remains in the correct position during flexion and extension (bending of the joint)
  • Integrated steel stabiliser plates provide reinforcement and increase loading capacity for the knee joint
  • Adjustable triple Velcro strap design ensures a secure fit on the left or right knee – from 32 to 45cm diameter
  • Constructed of a breathable and comfortable neoprene fabric that minimises moisture, itchiness and odour
  • Ideal to be worn for light to mild exercises and sports such as walking, cycling, yoga and golf
  • Comes as a single knee brace

If you’ve suffered a knee injury and/or have knee pain, then our ActiveRestore Knee Support Brace will support and help the knee to recover.

It’s an orthopaedic device designed to treat ACL injury, knee fractures, torn meniscus, knee bursitis and patellar tendinitis.

With its knee ring that keeps the kneecap (patella) in the correct position during flexion and extension; integrated steel stabiliser plates that increases loading capacity on the knee joint; and adjustable triple Velcro strap – this knee brace is optimised for support and stability.

Optimal comfort is also ensured by the use of neoprene fabric which is soft, breathable and minimises moisture and odour. As a result, it won’t scratch, itch and irritate your skin.

Our ActiveRestore Knee Support Brace is geared towards light to mild exercises and sports use such as walking, hiking, cycling, golf, yoga and more.

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