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DuraFlex Gel Bunion Toe Separators

  • Separates and protects the bunion to relieve pain, swelling, sore skin and overlapping toes
  • Securely fits over the big toe and index toe to prevent slippage
  • Thin gel profile allows them to be comfortably worn with socks and shoes
  • Breathable holes prevent excessive sweat building up to avoid skin conditions
  • Can be worn at your own convenience, no matter if it’s during the day or at night
  • One Size Fits All – Suitable for any feet size on both men and women
  • Durable and Flexible – Designed for longevity and covered by our 2 year guarantee
  • Includes 1 Pair

Relieve bunion symptoms such as pain, swelling, corns and calluses, sore skin and overlapping toes with our DuraFlex Gel Bunion Toe Separators – they help keep the big toe separated and protected from rubbing against the index toe and when wearing shoes.

Differing slightly from our original bunion protectors, this model incorporates an additional sleeve around the index toe for a more secure fit.

Our DuraFlex Gel Bunion Toe Separators can be worn by anyone who suffers from any bunion symptoms and they can be worn at any time during the day or night, with or without footwear, so that the progression of the bunion finally comes to a halt.

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  • Does it come as a pair?

    Yes, they do come as a pair.

  • My bunion is on my right foot so the left one is totally useless and yet I’m paying for it! Why can’t you sell me two right foot ones?

    The items are symmetrical so they can be used on either foot.