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UltraSupport Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

  • Provides maximum heel and arch support to relieve plantar fasciitis, flat feet and high arches
  • Solid frame surrounding the heel and arch region for optimal stability and support
  • Deep contoured heel cup that cradles the heel
  • Better shock absorption due to its thick rubber underlay – enhanced rubber grip pads located at the heel and metatarsal region
  • Soft and smooth flocked fabric surface provides extra comfort and breathability
  • Trim guidelines should you need to cut the insoles down to size
  • Feet Sizes UK – XS 4 to 6 / Small 6 to 8 / Medium 8 to 10 / Large 10 to 12 / XL 12+

With optimal heel and arch support as well as superb comfort and stability, our UltraSupport Plantar Fasciitis Insoles has been perfected to relieve plantar fasciitis, flat feet and high arches.

Its solid frame that surrounds the heel and arch region provides maximum stability and support – crucial for maintaining the natural shape of the foot.

Daily shocks and impact are absorbed through its generously thick rubber underlay, while extra comfort and breathability is increased via the soft and smooth flocked fabric surface.

These orthotic insoles are suitable for most types of footwear including work shoes, boots and trainers. They can be cut down to the required size if necessary by using the guidance of the trim lines.

The UltraSupport Plantar Fasciitis Insoles can make a world of difference to the health of your feet. It’s one of our most supportive orthotics and has received much praise from our customers.

Insole Size Guide

For the most accurate measurement, please choose your size based on the foot length (measured from the start of your big toe to the end of your back heel).

Click here to view our insole size guide (opens a new window)

Foot Measurement Tip: Stand with your heel against a wall, place a book just where your big toe ends and measure the gap between the wall and the book.

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  • Is the heel section hard or soft like gel material?

    The black section of the insoles are hard and rigid - this provides more stability for the foot.