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Dual Wooden Foot Roller

  • Relieves foot aches, cramps and pains by massaging and releasing trigger points within the foot
  • Ideal for alleviating symptoms of plantar fasciitis, arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, physical injury and tired feet.
  • The stimulation from the massaging motion helps to increase blood circulation
  • Constructed from polished bamboo which is durable, aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t have any splinters
  • Five smooth rollers with consistent ridges to massage the feet effortlessly without any loud squeaking
  • Deep tissue massage roller that has longer points for a more intensified and focused stimulation in a problematic area of the foot
  • Anti-slip base prevents the foot roller from sliding or scratching the floor

Using the same principles as the ancient Chinese healing method of acupressure, the Dual Wooden Foot Roller by Croll & Denecke utilises uniform ridges and long tips to massage and release trigger points within the feet; relieving foot aches, cramps and pain.

Constructed of luxurious and durable polished bamboo, in total there are 5 smooth rollers that operate effortlessly without any annoying squeaking:

  • 4 Rollers have uniform ridges for a soothing everyday massage ideal for tired feet and physical injuries
  • The end rollers have longer points for a deep tissue massage that allow more focused stimulation as more pressure is applied

Both methods of active stimulation helps to increase blood circulation around the feet and legs, while alleviating symptoms of various foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, peripheral neuropathy and arthritis.

The larger size and anti-slip base of the Croll & Denecke Dual Wooden Foot Roller allows a more relaxing massage therapy in the comfort of your own home, no matter if you’re watching TV in the lounge or eating dinner in the dining room.

We are confident in the effectiveness of all our products and each one is backed by our 2 year guarantee.

How to Use the Dual Wooden Foot Roller

There are two ways in which you can massage your feet with Croll & Denecke Dual Wooden Foot Roller Massager:

  • Roll Massage: This is the most effective solution for pain relief, and requires you to roll both feet back and forth over the rollers. Make sure that you target every point of your feet – heels, arch and toes.
  • Acupressure: Place your feet on the end roller (with the longer points) at a position that applies the most pressure, then press down slightly for 2-3 seconds and release. This exercise doesn’t require much effort and can be repeated for however long you desire.

By using this wooden foot roller for just 10-15 minutes everyday, you’ll begin to notice a huge difference – less pain and more strength in your feet and legs.

The good thing is that this type of exercise doesn’t require much effort at all as you can use it while you’re watching TV, playing games, working in the office, surfing the internet or even while you’re eating your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Please do not stand on this foot roller with both feet simultaneously as it may not support your weight. Use it while being seated, or standing with one foot at a time.

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  • Where is your company based and where are your products made? Thank you

    We are based in the UK. The majority of our products are made in China.