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Overpronation Insoles

by Bocan
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  • Supports overpronation (foot rolling inwards) with a raised inner arch support (2.3cm high)
  • Integrated heel cup cushions the back heel to prevent pain and blisters
  • Shocks and impact are absorbed by the dense triple layer construction
  • Reduced foot odour due to the breathable top layer fabric
  • Upper insole can easily be trimmed to fit within any type of footwear
  • Feet Sizes UK (Men & Women) – Small 4 to 8 (22 to 26cm) / Large 8 to 12 (26 to 30cm)

Please Note: This product is shipped directly from our supplier in China, and it will take between 10-20 working days to arrive. If you’re willing to wait, your patience will be rewarded with a fantastic product!

Support and treat overpronation with Bocan’s Overpronation Insoles, which incorporates a raised inner arch to support the arch whenever it rolls inwards too much – sometimes referred to as having flat feet.

Although pronation – the side-to-side movement of the foot when in motion – is natural, excessive pronation (known as overpronation) can often cause injuries as more stress is placed on the muscles, tendons and ligaments due to an intensified inwards movement when walking or running.

By combining structure to support overpronation with 3 layers to reduce shocks and impact, the Overpronation Insoles by Bocan, the natural form of your knees, lower leg and feet will be regained every time you walk and run.

Insole Size Guide

For the most accurate measurement, please choose your size based on the foot length (measured from the start of your big toe to the end of your back heel).

Click here to view our insole size guide (opens a new window)

Foot Measurement Tip: Stand with your heel against a wall, place a book just where your big toe ends and measure the gap between the wall and the book.

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