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Free Standard Delivery Over £40 (UK Only)
Free Standard Delivery Over £40 (UK Only)

Home Revive Foot Roller Massager

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  • Relieves foot aches, cramps and pains suffered as a result of plantar fasciitis (heel pain), arthritis, peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage to the body’s extremities), physical injury and tired feet.
  • Constructed from high quality polished cherry wood which is durable and aesthetically pleasing
  • 10 smooth rollers with hard points and consistent ridges to massage the feet effortlessly
  • Elevated platform provides more comfort and better blood circulation
  • Arched design contours with the natural shape of a foot
  • Wide platform designed for massaging small and large feet
  • Rubber feet which prevents the foot roller from sliding or scratching the floor

Our premium Home Revive Foot Roller Massager is designed to relieve your foot aches, cramps and pains while increasing strength in your feet and legs.

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Using the same principles as the ancient Chinese healing method of acupressure, our foot roller uses hard points and uniform ridges to apply pressure over specific pressure points along the soles of your feet. As a result, you’ll feel relieved and relaxed as the rollers work their magic.

Who Does it Help?

While anyone can benefit from using our Home Revive Foot Roller Massager, the people that will benefit from it the most are those who suffer from:

  • Arthritis from injury or age
  • A foot injury sustained from sports or any other physical activity
  • Tired feet from standing or walking too long (sustained pressure over a long duration)
  • Weak feet and legs from sitting for too long, as is the case with most office workers

Even if you do not suffer from any type of the above, our foot rollers ensures that your feet remain strong and active, thus reducing the chances of any related foot issues in the future.

How to Use the Home Revive Foot Roller Massager

There are two ways in which you can massage your feet with the Home Revive Foot Roller Massager:

  • Roll Massage: This is the most effective solution for pain relief, and requires you to roll both feet back and forth over the rollers. Make sure that you target every point of your feet – heels, arch and toes.
  • Acupressure: Place one foot or both feet on the rollers at a position that provides the most stimulation, then press down slightly for 2-3 seconds and release. This exercise doesn’t require much effort and can be repeated for however long you desire.

Please do not stand on this foot roller with both feet simultaneously as it may not support your weight. Use it while being seated, or standing with one foot at a time.

By using our foot roller for just 10-20 minutes everyday, you’ll begin to notice a huge difference – less pain and more strength in your feet and legs.

The good thing is that this type of exercise doesn’t require much effort at all as you can use it while you’re watching TV, playing games, working in the office, surfing the internet or even while you’re eating your breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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Customer Reviews

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Shelly Winston
Absolutely Fantastic!

I've used several different foot rollers in the past to help ease my arthritis, and they were all either poor quality or poorly made.

This foot roller by Feet&Feet is by far the most well built, most comfortable and best looking one I've ever used.