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ActiveRestore Hinged Bunion Splint

  • Utilises a 3-point pressure system to slow down the progression of a bunion
  • Hinged mechanism enables the natural movement of the foot when walking
  • Two adjustable velcro straps allows the amount of pressure on the bunion and the big toe to be adjusted
  • Medical-grade foam padding provides comfort and protection of the bunion
  • Designed as a active and resting splint which is ideally worn at home during the day or night
  • Sold as a single or pair

The ActiveRestore Hinged Bunion Splint is designed to straighten a bunion – also known as hallux valgus – and prevent the big toe from overlapping by using a 3-point pressure system that’s intended to slow down the progression of the bunion.

This bunion splint is simple and easy to use – simply secure both velcro straps to your foot and adjust the tightness to your desired level of comfort – the tighter it’s secured, the more pressure is applied to maintain a straightened position of the big toe.

Its foam pad that runs along the side of the foot to the bunion provides a comfortable wear for hours when walking or resting, especially when used as a night splint.

Although bunions are usually not a serious cause for concern, they can cause many problems including pain and discomfort, irritation, blisters and sometimes even infection. By straightening the bunion with our ActiveRestore Hinged Bunion Splint, these symptoms can be relieved as the protrusion of the bunion recedes.

Please Note: A bunion splint does not correct a bunion and can only alleviate some symptoms and slow down the progression of the bunion in low-to-mild cases.

How to Use the ActiveRestore Hinged Bunion Splint

Although it may look complicated, it’s actually very quick and easy to use our ActiveRestore Hinged Bunion Splint. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Align the hinge of the bunion splint with the bunion and slide the velcro straps through their slots.
  2. Pull the velcro straps to tighten the bunion split which in turn will begin to straighten your big toe. Adjust its tightness so that you feel slight pressure without pain.
  3. Once you’re used to that level of pressure, tighten it bit by bit every few weeks so that there’s a gradual straightening of the bunion.

You may feel slight discomfort when wearing a bunion splint at first, but this should lessen after your big toe gets used to its new position. You should aim to wear the splint for 2-4 hours daily/nightly.

If you feel any severe pain then you should loosen it slightly and wear it for a shorter period of time. However, if the pain still persists, then we advise you to stop using the bunion splint and see your local GP or a foot specialist.


You can download instructions for the Active Restore Hinged Bunion Splint here. A new window will be opened and the instructions will be presented in a PDF file.

We are confident in the effectiveness of all our products and each one is backed by our 2 year guarantee.

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  • Do they come as a single or pair?

    You can buy them as a single or pair.