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SoleRelief 4-Layer Height Increase Insoles

  • 4 height increasing layers – 3.1cm, 4.9cm, 6.7cm, 8.5cm (total height as each layer is added)
  • Quick and simple solution to boost your height and confidence
  • Suitable for UK shoe sizes from 3.5 to 9 / 225 to 270mm length (can be trimmed down to size)
  • Integrated air-bubble on the insole provides extra cushioning particularly during high activity
  • Firm rubber construction supports the entire foot and is built-to-last
  • Suitable to be worn with most types of footwear including work shoes, boots and trainers (added layers may be too high for some footwear)

Quickly and easily increase your height and boost self-confidence with our SoleRelief 4-Layer Height Increase Insoles.

Featuring 4 height increasing layers, each pad adds on 1.8cm to your height. The main insole starts at 3.1cm height and then increases to 4.9cm, 6.7cm and 8.5cm as each layer is added.

These insoles not only gives you a height boost but they also provide extra cushioning and support thanks to the integrated air-bubble and firm rubber construction.

The SoleRelief 4-Layer Height Increase Insoles are suitable for footwear sized UK 1-10 and can be trimmed down to size.

Please bear in mind that although they fit most types of footwear, each added layer makes the insoles taller so as a result, they may not fit the depth of some footwear.

Insole Size Guide

For the most accurate measurement, please choose your size based on the foot length (measured from the start of your big toe to the end of your back heel).

Click here to view our insole size guide (opens a new window)

Foot Measurement Tip: Stand with your heel against a wall, place a book just where your big toe ends and measure the gap between the wall and the book.

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  • how do i select the correct size

    Hi, this product only comes in one size which is suitable for UK shoe sizes from 3.5 to 9 / 225 to 270mm length.