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Free Standard Delivery Over £40 (UK Only)
Free Standard Delivery Over £40 (UK Only)

DuraFlex Bunion Sleeve Protectors

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Original price
£9.99 - £9.99
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  • Silicone gel pad within the sleeve naturally protects the bunion from irritation which can lead to sore skin and swelling, and corns and calluses
  • Comfortable sleeve slips over the upper foot securely to prevent slippage
  • One Size Fits All – Stretches to suit any feet size on both men and women
  • Includes 1 Pair

Designed for protecting the bunion from irritation, our DuraFlex Bunion Sleeve Protectors prevents the bunion from rubbing against rough surfaces when wearing any type of footwear. As a result, common bunion symptoms – sore skin, swelling, corns and calluses – are avoided.

Optimised for comfort and a secure fit, the sleeved design of our bunion protector ensures that there’s no slippage whether they’re worn with or without socks and shoes; and the stretch fabric provides a natural feel when worn, no matter if you’re at work or in bed.

Bunions can occur in anyone – men, women, children and the elderly – this means that our DuraFlex Bunion Sleeve Protectors are suitable for anyone; regardless of whether your bunion was caused by wearing poorly fitted shoes, having uncommonly flexible joints, arthritis or simply the pressures of being on your feet for too long.

How Do They Help?

One of the worse things you can do if you have a bunion is to put prolonged pressure on it by wearing restrictive footwear. Not only does this encourage swelling and development of the bunion, but it can also be very painful.

Our DuraFlex Bunion Sleeve Protectors gently slides over your feet and protects the bunion with an accurately placed silicone gel padding inside.

Because of its slim profile, soft fabric, and flexible fitting, they can comfortably be worn on a day-to-day basis, whether you’re at work or simply going for a stroll in the park – no sweat, no swelling, no slippage and no pain.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I needed something comfortable that would cushion my bunion when wearing my work shoes. These are doing a great job of it and I can actually go a day without feeling the needs to take off my shoes as soon as I get to the office. So glad I found these.

Janet Maidment
Super Comfy

Very very comfortable - much more so than the gel ones.

Feels smooth and silky

I needed something like this to stop my bunion from rubbing inside my shoes. I'm not a big fan of rubber ones as they cause my feet to sweat more. These bunion sleeves are ideal because it has a smooth and silky material with what feels like rubber to protect the bunion (the rubber isn't exposed). If you are to wear them frequently like I do, it's best to hand wash them and leave them to dry naturally.

So Far So Good

They look quite small at first, but stretch out quite wide. I'm a size 5 so they easily fit my feet. The material is very soft and comfortable, and it doesn't seem like they will cause itching. The bunion pad area is quite thick so good for protection. They seem like they will last a long time so let's wait and see...

Jessica Marie Phelps
Happy with them

I never did like the gel type bunion pads since i've always found them to be really sticky and uncomfortable especially in hot weather. I dont have a problem with overlapping bunion but it does hurt whenever I wear my work shoes. These bunion sleeves are such a god send and act as a soft smooth barrier. Love them and i'll be really happy if they last a few months.