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DuraFlex Gel Metatarsal Pads

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  • Effectively relieves pain in the ball of the foot by absorbing impact and taking pressure off the metatarsals
  • Designed to treat metatarsalgia and other metatarsal foot pain related issues
  • Easily secures into the upper portion of shoes and high heels via its adhesive back
  • Compact design allows you to relocate the pads to target the specific area of pain
  • Universal fit that’s suitable for any type of footwear
  • Durable and Flexible – Designed for longevity and covered by our 2 year guarantee
  • Includes 1 Pair

The DuraFlex Gel Metatarsal Pads effectively helps to relieve pain in the ball of the foot by immediately absorbing some of the pressure.

If you suffer from metatarsalgia, a foot condition that refers to pain in region of the metatarsal (ball of the foot), then it’s vital to take off some of the pressure by slipping these Gel Metatarsal Pads inside any of your footwear.

By adopting a compact design, you’re able to place the gel pads to exactly where the point of pain is located. As a result, journeys spent on your feet will be less painful and more comfortable.

Our DuraFlex Gel Metatarsal Pads are the ideal solution for those who are affected by the imbalance and poor structure of footwear that transfer much of the pressure to the balls of the feet, such as high heels and thin soled shoes.  


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We are confident in the quality and effectiveness of all our products so they are all backed by our 2 year guarantee.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Could be thicker and more cushioning hence the 4 stars

Good But Positioning is Key

Stick it in the right place in your shoe otherwise it will target the wrong area. Easier said than done since it's hard to wear your shoes and stick down at the same time.

Suprisingly helpful

Pleasently surprised. I still slightly feel the pain, but I can get through my day without stopping.

Why did i not find these sooner!

I have suffered with metatarsalgia for a while. These have helped me a lot! Thanks!

Well well well...

What can I say? they do as they're suppsoed to do. which is to stop the balls of my feet from aching so much. now I can stand and walk in relative peace, except for my my boss starts nagging hahah